Starting from next week, a series of updates will be available for all our FGTechnology Users. We have listened to your requests throughout the last few years to be able to improve our products in order to make your work safer and more efficient.

Let’s start with the brand-new extension to work thousands of ECUs on the table: the Bench +ULTRA. Compared to the previous version, it will give access to many new control units not only with bench reading by dismounting the ECU from the vehicle and connecting it via pinout, but also using connections via resistors pre-installed in the device. During the next weeks new ECUs, AdBlue and TCUs available for this extension will be released.

Moreover, there will be new interchangeable connectors with different terminals for the tricore cable. All our Users will be able to receive an evaluation of their old cable and, if in good condition, it can be upgraded to the new version. If worn out or if our Client prefers to have two cables, the new cables with connectors will also be sold separately. The interchangeable connectors have different terminals and in the future new ones will always be created based on the pins present on the various types of control units. Our interest was to respond to the requests of our customers while maintaining the product they already have where possible.

Additionally, the new software EOBD2 will be launched. It will be updated with more specific instructions.

We would like to emphasize that all our products have been conceived, designed and manufactured solely by the FGTechnology Team with the highest standards of quality and technical verifications.

To receive more information and case-by-case evaluations, please contact us at:

Mercedes Truck E6 MCM2.1 D3/D4
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