FGtech EOBD2 supports the new function to clone ECUs equipped with Tricore processors. Bosch, Siemens & Continental can be easily cloned in case the original ECU is damaged. Just load the files of the two Internal flash (Ecu ORI & Ecu NEW) and the software will automatically create the Clone file to be written to the new ECU.


Supported ECU list:

– Bmw/Mini  EDC17C41; EDC17C50; EDC17C56; EDC17CP02; EDC17CP45;

– Bmw/Mini ME17.2.4; MED17.2; MEV17.2.2; MEVD17.2.2;

-FCA/Iveco  EDC17C49; EDC17C69; EDC17CP52; EDC17C49; ME17.3.0; DCU17PC24;

-Ford  EDC17C10; EDC17C70; SID208; SID209; SID211; SID807; SID807EVO

-Hyundai/Kia  EDC17C08; EDC17C57; EDC17CP14; ME17.9.11;

-Jaguar/Land Rover  MEDC17.9; EDC17CP11; SID208;

-Mazda  DCU17PC42;

-Mercedes Benz/Infiniti  EDC17C66; EDC17CP10; EDC17CP46; EDC17CP57; SID307; SID310;

-Mercedes Benz/Infiniti DCU17PC01; DCU17PC42;

-Nissan/Renault  EDC17C42; EDC17C84; EDC17CP19; SID307; SID309; SID310;

-Opel  EDC17C18; EDC17C19; EDC17C59; SID309; SID310;

-PSA  SID208; MED17.4; MEV17.4; MEV17.4.2; MED17.4.2;

-VAG  EDC17C46; EDC17C54; EDC17C64; EDC17C74; EDC17CP04/14/20/24/44/54/74; EDC17U01/U05;

-VAG  ME17.5.20; MED17.1.6; MED17.1.27; MED17.5; MED17.5.2; MED17.5.5; MED17.5.21; MED17.5.25;

-Volvo  EDC17CP48; SID807; SID807EVO

Mercedes Truck E6 MCM2.1 D3/D4
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