FGtech EOBD2 now supports the main Denso engine ECUs with Renesas processors via plug. Now you can operate on a wide range of Asian cars and work vehicles in total safety and comfort without the need to open the ECU.

Total reading (Backup); Total write (Flash + Eeprom).

ECU list:

  • Hino DENSO 275700-48xx
  • Hino DENSO 275700-70xx
  • Hyundai DENSO 275700-48xx
  • Hyundai DENSO 275700-57xx
  • Isuzu DENSO 275700-70xx
  • Kia DENSO 275700-57xx
  • Kubota DENSO 275700-48xx
  • Kubota DENSO 275700-65xx
  • Mazda DENSO Pxxx/279800-09xx
  • Mazda DENSO SHxx/275700-56xx
  • Mazda DENSO S5xx/275700-76xx
  • Scion iA DENSO Pxxx/279800-09xx
  • Subaru DENSO Gx/275700-66xx
  • Toyota iA DENSO Pxxx/279800-09xx


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